Wisconsin premiere!

“If Richard meets you in this house, there will be a very unpleasant scene!” – Margaret

“Had I been a smaller man, I should still have loved you, but I should have settled it by correspondence.” – Ernest

When a dashing rival seduces Richard Sones’ wife, Sones doesn’t write a poem, take up dance, or hit the gym. He brings a prostitute home for dinner. Hilarity ensues.

Falconbridge Players presented a “highly varnished comedy about upper class sin”: Spring Cleaning by Frederick Lonsdale on November 23 2021 at 7 PM at Arts + Literature Laboratory, 111 S. Livingston St. in Madison. Never before seen in Wisconsin, this staged reading of the 1923 play features:

– Top-notch barbs and jabs!
– An awkward dinner party!
– The anxiety of the world before community property and joint custody made marriage and divorce paint-by-numbers affairs!
(If you’ll pardon the pun.)