Edna St. Vincent Millay Was Working Some Stuff Out, May 2022

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Don’t be fooled by her genteel name and New England base of operations. As early 20th century poet/playwrights go, Edna St. Vincent Millay was a cynic and a stone-cold killer—metaphorically speaking. 

Falconbridge Players presents a dramatic workshop of two of her short plays:

Two Slatterns and a King – Don’t judge a book by its cover. And when someone tells you who they are: believe them.

Aria da Capo – A “bitterly ironic little fantasy” about territory, war, murder, and the quest for life-sustaining macaroons.

Plus selections from her extensive library of poetry.

For fans of Dorothy Parker, non-realism, or mayhem.

Performed live Tuesday May 24 at 7 PM at Dark Horse ArtBar, 756 E. Washington St, Madison WI. Free and open to the public.