Figaro: The Story So Far, August 22

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No context? No problem! Sign up to see Figaro: The Story So Far on Tuesday August 22 at 7 PM and we’ll catch you up.

Figaro’s Final Adventure is a rollicking stand-alone tale never before performed in Wisconsin, but we also couldn’t miss the chance to revive all the classic Figaro stage tales while we were at it! So Falconbridge presents a special one-night-only event, Figaro: The Story So Far in our familiar home at Arts + Literature Laboratory, 111 S. Livingston St. in Madison.

Only know Figaro from the opera? Or like most of us, just from what you picked up from classic cartoons like The Rabbit Of Seville? We’re here to help!

The wily and inventive Figaro appeared in a trilogy of plays (yes! Figaro is originally a stage character, not an Operaman!) written by Pierre Beaumarchais. In September, Falconbridge Players presents the world premiere of A Timely Intervention (Figaro’s Final Adventure), but first, the story so far!

Falconbridge performers will present a fast, fun twirl through the first two plays (The Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figaro), just enough so that you know who’s done what to who and why you should care by time Figaro makes his Timely Intervention to save the reputation, honor, and family of Count Almaviva.

Presented in the Arts + Literature Laboratory main gallery, where you don’t need opera glasses to enjoy every minute!